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Barb's Unique Washcloths & Soapbags

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  Enjoy the Unique Feeling of
100% Cotton Washcloths!


Think about the addition of Handknit Washcloths to your sweet-scented soaps OR as wonderful compliments to your gift baskets! They are very soft but also have a gentle and invigorating exfoliating effect.  These are especially nice for those who have very sensitive skin. Also, these make very soft "Baby Cloths".   I also design lovely Soapbags in most of the washcloth designs. These are great to hold any "leftover" pieces of your most loved soap, plus they also have that wonderful exfoliating feeling.
To keep these lovely colors as bright as they are now, you can machine or handwash in cold water using a mild soap. DO NOT USE BLEACHRinse well in cold water and remove promptly. Squeeze gently to remove excess water; then briefly roll in a towel.  Re-shape and lay flat to dry.  Wash dark colors separately. 



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