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Barb's Unique Washcloths & Soapbags

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Below are those "special" comments I've received from my admiring public.

"It is sooo pretty and soft!!" -- Ronda from California
"The soap bag is absolutely beautiful!" -- Deb from Kentucky
"Yes, the "beauties" are just perfect!!! Thanks!" -- Alaine from Georgia
"Wow, I love your washcloths! I can't wait to use one of 'em" -- Lisa from California
"I did receive your towel and I really like the color. You sure do put alot of work into them."-- Lori from California
"I loved the quilted diamonds washcloth. It's got a great, classy look, like something I'd expect to see in a high priced specialty shop".--Laurel T.
"Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I especially liked the red/green/white looks so Christmassy." -- Michelle from Oklahoma
"I just know your site is going to do wonderfully! You're a dear, with a great product :)" -- Victoria from West Virginia
"I do like the soap bag. It would be great for all the little bars of soap. -- Melanie R.
"My son will be 3 months old and all of a sudden he has this great need to grab on to a cloth, he grabs on to burp cloth, towels, clean rags, everything... So I've been giving him the cloth you made and he loves it, getting attached to it very much." -- Natalya from South Carolina
"Thank you for the beautiful cloths! They are perfect for the baby baskets I am creating. They are all so special that I am going to put them in special gift baskets, like Mothers Day & New Baby." -- Mary from Colorado
"I really like the looks of your wash cloths." -- Jack from Missouri
They are soft and beautiful and best of all, handmade! - Victoria from Idaho
"Your little cloths that I use for the peppermint oil are working wonderfully! I know there are a lot of people out there who don't want to kill mice, but just want them to go away, and this method certainly works!" - Vickie from West Virginia
"I think your products are so unique!" - Cindy from Maryland
"Did not lose shape in the water (I was VERY surprised!) I am strongly considering the cloths as a Christmas gift (inexpensive and easy to mail) for loyal customers." - Jenny from Tennessee
"The bags are very cute and I want to put them in a set with my soap and a candle" - Lori from California
"I have received the cloths and they are absolutely beautiful and I am extremely pleased." - Dawn from Wisconsin
"Its pretty! I used it last night...they are so pretty I almost didnt want to use it" - Lesa from Idaho
"I love it and it is so soft! thanks so much!" - Jody from Arizona
"This is definitely something I would like to add to our line in the future. Thank you so much! - Marge from Arizona
"It is very nice! You do beautiful work. " - Trish from Virginia
"I wanted to let you know how much I love the wash cloth you sent me. It's gorgeous." - Beth from New York
"Barb -what a wonderful cloth!" - Cher from Wisconsin
"I received the cloths and love them!" - Lesa from Utah
"Aloha Barb, The wash cloths arrived and are great!Many thanks! Have a great week." - Robert from Kapaa, HI
"They look great! I really like them a lot and I've got a nice variety. Thanks so much! Take care :)"-- April from Indiana
"Just received my order. All of the colors in the cloths will match my bathrooms & my sons bathroom beautifully.  They all look & feel great, can’t wait to try them. " -- Kathy from Chicago
"Your work is really lovely! My son loved it so much that he took over the washcloth as his own, and I have the little soap bag (which I won't let him have!). " -- Pam from Georgia