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Barb's Unique Washcloths & Soapbags

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Ordering and Policies


NOTE:   Please email me before ordering so I can let you know  how much shipping will be.  Pricing for washcloths and soapbags is $3.50 each. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery due to time involved in the designing and shipping of items.
Thank you.
GO TO: for YARN colors.  Just go where shows SELECT SHADE and let me know what colors you'd like.



The products should last for quite a while,  especially if you follow my directions on the HOME PAGE

Shipping and Handling: 

I will email you the cost of this.  The pricing will vary depending on the weight of the number of items ordered.

Barb's Unique Cloths & Soapbags
21881 Marlow
Oak Park, Michigan 48237